The Offseason

It's been a while… You would think that with all this new free time I would have posted a couple times before now… After our season ended I ended up being a lot busier than expected. 

After the game against the Red Bulls I took 10 days to myself. 10 days where I wouldn't think about soccer, or at least try to, I wouldn’t think as much on what I’m eating, how often I was training… I guess simply put, I took 10 days to let loose. Funny thing about it, I only made it 8 days before I got sick of it… 

So… after those 8 days, I had a few responsibilities before I could head home for Thanksgiving. You have to remember that since the season started back in the beginning of February, we didn't have a weekend off until November. Once our season ended and I was able to look at my schedule and there were 2 events that were a MUST for me. The first was Wofford Basketball’s season opener against South Carolina in Spartanburg. Not to mention this was also the first game in the new Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium. If you haven't heard about it or seen it, take a minute and look it up; it’s truly spectacular! The second event was 2 weeks later in Columbia where Wofford took on South Carolina in football. Unfortunately neither result went our way but it was still amazing to to be able to go back to campus, see some old faces, and then see the boys play on the road. It had been over 14 months since I was able to be back on campus and/or see the Terriers in action, so I was going to make it happen. 


Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 9.10.22 PM.png

On my way out of Charleston, I would make one more stop before heading home. I stopped in Charlotte for 2 nights to spend some time with my brother and some old faces from back in the day that now work in Charlotte, and since I was in town, catch a Hornets game at The Hive! Don't worry, we beat the Timberwolves. I finally would make my way to Raleigh 2 days before Thanksgiving.

While I hadn't been back to Wofford in over a year and being able to make it back was special, what was even more shocking was when I sat down after the season, thought about my plans for the offseason, what was next, where would I be for Thanksgiving, December, Christmas, and after some quick math, I realized that I had spent less than 20 nights in Raleigh since I was home for Christmas my senior year of college (December, 2014). It sunk in immediately. I didn't know where my future was taking me just yet, but I knew I had this window of time where I could do what I wanted and I wanted to see my family. 

My family is everything to me. There are a million cliches about family this, family that, but to me, my family is everything. They've allowed me to grow into the player and man I am today. My parents might not have played the game, but they introduced me to it. I’ve joked about it, but I have 6 of the best fans in the world. There for me day in and day out. I have 6-8 weeks of an off season and I was going home! Best part about it, my only priorities are training and spending time with my family. 


I’ll upload another post about what training is actually like for me this off season, but for now, I’m going to watch some college football with my family! Peace!