Before you start reading, I feel inclined to warn you. In my previous post I have either written about #dreamchasing and my soccer journey thus far in my life, or either random inside looks at life as a Charleston Battery player. I was in the middle of writing this post, had a million thoughts a minute, asked for a little advice and after a little help from one of my good friends, the idea “flowin’ with Fo” was created - shoutout Taylor Darling. So for future reference, post titled with #flowinwithFo will be a little…very random. 

Earlier today I was scrolling thru Twitter and saw a tweet that asked: “When teachers wake up in the morning, do they go to work or to school?” I thought it was funny enough to share, so I asked my roommates what they thought - they both said work. They flipped the question and then asked me whether I go to work or practice every day. 

“Neither, I go to training. I don't consider what I do work” was my answer. The conversation fizzled out pretty quickly but I couldn't get what I said out of my head. I answered without hesitation, kept chewing over what I just said, had an idea, and then boom, here we are. 

I love what I do every day. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity that God has blessed me with; but what’s crazy is that after 19 years of playing this sport, I still can’t tell you why I love this game as much as I do. You would think I could at least come up with something more than just “I love what I do every day.” Trust me, I wish I could too. Instead, it’s as if I am broken robot who just repeats the same phrase over and over, stuttering between words, essentially saying nothing at all. 

May seem silly, but when thinking about it, not being to explain it, actually explains it perfectly. It didn't matter whether it was a pick-up game in my neighbors front yard one afternoon, or at recess during elementary school, or a high-school or college game; I loved every chance I got to play. I loved every thing about the game. If I wasn't playing, I was thinking about playing. It’s all I wanted to do - but I’m not perfect, no where near it. I have to admit that during my 19 years of playing this sport, I’ve made my mistakes; but I don't believe I would be here today without them. I was young, immature, selfish, and honestly probably the most appropriate, just flat out stupid; but I honestly believe that in order to succeed tomorrow, you must first learn from your failures today. 

I love this sport. I love being able to play everyday. I know there will inevitably be a day where I can’t play and even though that’s enough in itself, I’d be naive not to acknowledge that few people are given the opportunity that I’ve been presented with and I’d be a damn fool to take it for granted. I want more. I’d be lying if I said I was content. I’ve had a taste and now I want the whole thing! I’m going to learn from today and fair warning, I’m coming for tomorrow.